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    2019-11-08 由由电气  102

  • [News] The 126th Canton Fair

    2019-10-09 由由电气  165

    As the 126th Canton Fair coming with the goldern fall, YOUU Electric will attend to the first phase of the fair this October. It starts from 15th to 19th, October. Wheres the Canton Fairs address? The …

  • [Products Talk] Wall Switch & GPO

    2019-10-09 admin  116

    Wall Switch and GPO are playing an important role in our electrical life. They can control and provide us with the safe and stable electrical power.…

  • [Products Talk] YOUU AS/NZS 2053 Conduit & Fittings

    2019-08-13 admin  217

    As one of the most popular products, electrical conduit and fittings have a whole, complete, complex system. There are many kinds of the fittings which have different kinds of shapes, specifications, c…

  • [Products Talk] A/C Duct Cover System

    2019-08-13 admin  91

    Nowadays, there are more and more family are using the air conditioner to adjust the temperature in the room, office, shopping mail, or coffee bar. Here are the PVC cover can protect and decorate the s…

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